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CTX PLUS 1.5 g.

Box 12 Vials
with water for Injection

USAGE: Symbiotic combination for lower respiratory tract infections, UTI disease, uncomplicated gonorrhea, septicaemia, malignancy etc.
Each vial contains :
Sterile Ceftriaxone Sodium USP equivalent
to Anhydrous Ceftriaxone 1000 mg.
Sterile Sulbactam Sodium USP equivalent to  
Sulbactam 500 mg.
TOXCIN 250mg/500mg/1g.
Severe septicacemia, respiratory infections, meningitis skin & soft tissue infections
C-FIN 1g.
Respiratory and urinary tract infections, skin & soft tissue, Pre-operative prophylaxis, septicaemia & endocarditis
C-PIME 1000
Hospital acquired pneumonia, bacteremia, septicaemia, urinary tract infections, skin & soft tissue infections and intra-abdominal infections