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25 Vials Box

USAGE: Synergetic combination for respiratory, urinary, skin & soft tissue, bone & joints, ENT, gentio-urinary tract infections
Each vial contains :
Sterile Amoxycillin Sodium IP equivalent to
Amoxycillin 250 mg
Sterile Cloxacillin Sodium IP equivalent to
Cloxacillin 250 mg
CTX PLUS 1.5 g.
Symbiotic combination for lower respiratory tract infections, UTI disease, uncomplicated gonorrhea, septicaemia, malignancy etc.
MOXY 250 & 500
Broad spectrum antibiotic power in acute respiratory tract infections, gonorrhea, UTI, gastro-entitis, skin & soft tissue infections
TOXCIN 250mg/500mg/1g.
Severe septicacemia, respiratory infections, meningitis skin & soft tissue infections